Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Looking at "I Am." What are YOU?

I watched a GREAT movie last night called "I Am." It's an introspection of the state of civilization around the globe; how we got here, where we might be going and what it could possibly look like for our future. As the movie's creator, director & producer states, "What's wrong with our world?," "What's right with our world?" and "What are we going to do about it?" The film comes from director Tom Shadyac (Bruce Almighty, Ace Ventura-Pet Detective, The Nutty Professor, Liar-Liar) so at first one might think this would be a terrific comedy, but it's not. It's beautifully made and wonderfully thought provoking. It's Tom's story of how he dramatically altered his way of life after a bicycle accident left him severly traumatized and wounded, depressed and considering ending his life. Instead of giving up, Tom decided to ask a couple very important questions of some of today's luminary thinkers and scientists of our time; "What's wrong with our planet and what can I do about it?" The answers are consistent, "All we need is love." "All are one, and one is all." "Create brotherhood with everyone on the planet." "Erase war, famine, poverty, and social imbalance, and replace it with love." Sound impossible? Many will think so and some will refuse to believe it would ever be possible to create a Utopian world-wide unified society that lives in peace for the betterment of mankind, the animals and the planet that we all inhabit together. Why? Are we too far gone down the road toward destruction? Will industrialized competitive nations crumble like others before them when they become so gorged on the resources of the planet that they simply self destruct? When will we start to realize on a global scale that society is not naturally and genetically programmed to be competitive, to aquire for security, to dominate others and to rule unaccompanied and in solitary dominion over others? Our natural state is to cooperate, to assist, to provide strength and support to those who need it most. It wasn't God's design for humans to try "fill their holes" with stuff! I do know this; until we can teach our children that their worth is not measured by what they have, what they do, what they accumulate, the job title they become, and that in order to be successful, they must dominate others in their midst, we'll have a tough road ahead. So what's the answer? What do we do? What can one person do? Learn how to love yourself and branch out from there. Love your environment, your neighbors, your friends & family, your animals, and ultimately, and perhaps most challenging, love your enemies. Teach others that we are not measured by what we have and aquire, who we defeat and dominate over. We are to be measured by how we love. Sending YOU love and my highest intentions for your greatest Joy and Well Being... Namaste'