Thursday, March 22, 2012

Connecting to your ♥, conversations with God.

Opening up your heart, becoming more open... your heart is at the center of your being... scientific studies have now shown that the heart produces more electromagnetic waves than your brain... your heart is the organ, or tool, that receives and emits feelings, thoughts, emotions, prayers... waves that go out into the field, the "Matrix," to God... Your heart is what you communicate with on the more subtle levels... it makes perfect sense to become in touch with and to know when someone asks you, "What does your heart tell you to do?" You know because you become open and clear when activating this "tool," your heart.

The way to do this is meditation. Becoming silent and focusing within is the only way. There is no other practice for this. Some say that prayer is "speaking" to God, meditation is "listening." Open your heart like a receiver for the Universe to "stream" into you. You have it within you to know this and much, much more... you only need to be open to the possibility of it. It doesn't mean that you need to become the monk on the mountain, it only means giving yourself a few minutes a few times a day for a little break; a few deep breaths and a connection to your center. Someone who is grounded is like an unmovable, immutable force. Nothing can shake you from knowing the deeper truth, that the "stuff" that happens in the world, all the junk, the hype and the lies... they aren't YOUR truth. They don't make you into who you are at your deepest core, you radiant child of God, you Spirit in a human suit. You are only beauty, truth, freedom, grace, forgiveness, love, God.

When you can make God into a verb, you've got a good start. It takes courage, fortitude and brevity to stay on the path you've embarked upon. I'm wonderfully proud of you.

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