Thursday, May 3, 2012

God is for the birds!

I've recently begun a new spiritual practice; birdwatching. Now, I'm sure many might question the validity of calling such a thing a spiritual practice... afterall, where is the spirituality in watching a bird or two gaily flitting about a precariously perched acrylic feeder hanging on the outside of our large picture window in our living room? They're simply doing what birds do... going about their daily lives as only they know how; sleeping, waking, grabbing a bite to eat, going to work gathering bits of nest materials, stopping at the bath to cool off with a little dip and a drink, bringing home a worm or two for the babies. Someone told me that Cardinals mate for life. There's certainly a spiritual guidance in that bit of natural instinct. The whole thing sounds vaguely familiar, doesn't it? In fact, the whole thing is quite laden with spirituality.

God is in everything, then certainly God is for these little wrens, robins and finches. They're lovely, with their vibrant colors of reds and blues; and so very unique when it comes to their sizes and shapes... and yet all so similar in where they came from. Funny, how nature works, isn't it? The notion that these little birds descended from dinosaurs is spectacular to me and then, again, maybe not so much... we all came from somewhere or something... just take it back far enough and you find the source of everything in the universe. We're all made of the stuff of stars, the dust of galaxies.

Anything that allows us to look deeper inside ourselves is a spiritual practice. God is within the birds, the trees they inhabit, the worms they eat and the instincts that move them about their lives. God is within you, me and everyone of us on this planet. It's what we are made of; God stuff... How you look for it is the diversity of the search and connection, whether it's meditating, playing with a drum circle, yoga, taking long walks in the park and doing a little birdwatching. Make it fun... and keep it up please! It's good for you, those who you come into contact with and, ultimately, the whole planet. Everything you do, think and feel affects the collective consciousness of everyone.

I'm sending a little bird your way right now, see it?

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