Monday, June 4, 2012

Frequency and Transmission

You (Self, Soul, Heart, Christ Consciousness, even your cells, tissues and organs) operate, transmit and receive frequencies much like a radio station. Science is now showing that the heart transmits greater and higher frequencies than the brain.You're in control of the dial. Raise the frequency and broadcast and receive higher and higher frequencies (communication, thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc). The higher the frequency, the closer to God Consciousness. How does one go about it? You do this by meditation and the expression of joy and emotion in whatever ways that work for you... meditation, creating or listening to music, creating and enjoying art, painting, writing stories, serving and supporting those who are less fortunate, creating poetry, smiling at people, playing with dogs, nourishing your body and exercising, raising your children in healthy ways, creating sculpture and pottery, planting a garden, on and on the list goes... This is how we are like God; we are creators. How are you creating joy?

On the other end of the spectrum are those who operate, oftentimes without being conscious of it, at lower frequencies. This is where shame, guilt, fear, depression, unworthiness, self loathing and similar values reside. The farther away from God Consciousness one broadcasts and receives, the darker things look and one begins to operate as a victim. The world happens to them and not for them. A great many people create and live in this reality for themselves and I believe it's the number one epidemic on the planet.

At the core of it all is choice. We all have the power to choose our perceptions of this realm, of this world, of this "reality." You have the power to raise your vibration or lower it... things like church doctrines and rules and what someone else believes doesn't really matter... so it's part of your journey to figure out what it means for yourself and how you will apply it. The greeter at Walmart who smiles and says a big "HELLO!" to everyone who walks in the door is a minister. So are you when you sing your song. Wayne Dyer's got a great quote which helped me change my life. He stated, "Don't die... with the music still in you." Your Soul wants and needs to create and express itself with and as love. Your job is simply to allow that to happen in whatever form it takes.


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